a chain wielding ranger with a knack for silent killing.


stats: str 15 dex 14 con 12 int 11 wis 12 cha 10

hp:11 ac:15 init:2 check pen: -1 speed:30ft exp:0 base atk bonus:1

saves: fort 3 ref 2 will 1

weapons: chain 2d4 reach* longbow 1d8 20 arrows flail 1d8

armor: studded leather

skills: heal 4 hide 4 sneak 4 intuit direction 4

equip: backpack trail ration(1) sack waterskin bedroll flint torch(3)

languages: elven common

feats/specials: track favored enemy(undead) ex weap pro(chain)


A tomboy, she ran away from home while still young. Soon after, she joined the military. There, she became part of the special units team, a branch that uses small teams of very talented people to execute covert and specialized missions. Her first mission was to go set up a base in the underworld. She is the only living member of her team.


The underworld SlayerOfAllEvil